All Electric Buildings Law

The ALL-ELECTRIC BUILDINGS LAW: What it means for you

The Assembly Majority is doing its part to protect New Yorkers and all communities from the harms of climate change. Most recently, within the state budget, we passed an all-electric buildings law. This is a forward-thinking addition to our state’s commitment to a greener future.

Climate change has an impact on us all, from rising sea levels to an increase in the severity and frequency of extreme weather events to the exacerbated air pollution. Some of New York’s largest industries, including agriculture, commercial shipping, forestry, tourism and fishing are already being detrimentally affected. Climate change also strains the physical infrastructure that delivers critical services to the citizens of New York, including the state’s energy, transportation, stormwater and wastewater infrastructure.

Since buildings alone account for 32% of greenhouse gas emissions in New York, they need to be part of our response to the climate crisis. Starting in 2026, the all-electric buildings law will require most new buildings in New York to use electric heat and appliances, instead of planet-destroying fossil fuels. The law includes many commonsense exemptions to help ensure a smooth roll-out which benefits all New Yorkers.

A generation from now, our children will be glad we chose to adopt ambitious laws like this one. Together, we can fight climate change, reduce our energy costs and protect New Yorkers’ health.

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