Assemblywoman Griffin: State of the State Offers a Framework for 2020

“A new year is upon us, and the governor’s State of the State proposals highlighted several pressing issues facing New Yorkers and provide a solid first step for the 2020 session. This includes building off our work last year to fight the threat of climate change and enacting long-overdue measures to make our state a truly equal place for all.

“The future of our Earth depends on our actions now, which is why it’s imperative we put New York State on the path toward a more sustainable future. We took big steps in the right direction last year when we banned single-use plastic bags (Ch. 58 of 2019) and passed the groundbreaking New York State Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act, which sets ambitious but tangible goals to build a greener future (Ch. 106 of 2019). The governor’s new proposal to ban single-use Styrofoam food containers and the sale of packing peanuts will help further protect our communities and environment from pollution.

“While we’ve made great strides toward closing the wage gap by enacting equal pay for equal work, other discriminatory barriers still persist today that can unfairly hinder a woman’s ability to achieve financial success. One such roadblock is the pink tax, which has forced women to spend thousands of dollars more than men throughout their lives to purchase similar products. I commend the governor on his proposal to prohibit gender-based pricing discrimination for substantially similar goods and services, and will work in the Assembly to finally put this terrible injustice to an end.

“The proposals set forth today will help better the lives of Long Island families, and I’ll keep working to make these, as well as other much-needed changes, a reality for our communities.”