Assemblywoman Judy Griffin: New Law Brings Us One Step Closer to Equal Pay for Equal Work

“Our wages should be based on the work we do and the effort we put in, not our gender, the color of our skin or our age. Yet, for far too long, employers’ biases have cheated too many New Yorkers out of the compensation they’ve rightfully earned. Wage discrimination holds workers and their families back, putting economic security and opportunity out of reach and exacerbating inequality. We’re helping to end that, because in 2019, equal pay for equal work shouldn’t be a lofty ideal – it should be reality.

“Today, a new law combating wage discrimination that I helped pass earlier this year goes into effect. The measure requires equal pay for substantially similar work, prohibiting pay differentials based on factors including age, race, gender identity or expression, national origin and all other protected classes (Ch. 93 of 2019). The law permits differentials in pay in limited cases, such as when a seniority or merit system is utilized.

“The fight for progress and equality is one I will never back down from.”