Assemblywoman Judy Griffin: New Law Ensures Non-Resident Gun Owners are Properly Vetted

“Save for a few empty promises, the White House and its Congressional allies have refused to address our nation’s gun violence epidemic. In the face of mass shootings and the everyday gun violence on our streets, they can only offer their thoughts and prayers. Here in New York, we’re not waiting and hoping that kind words can solve this crisis – we’re taking action.

“Thanks to our partners in the state Senate, we passed a slew of commonsense gun safety legislation in 2019. One of these new laws – which went into effect on Nov. 2 – requires out-of-state citizens who also have homes in New York to waive the confidentiality of their home state mental health records when applying for a firearm license in New York (Ch. 242 of 2019). This law makes clear that if you want to own a gun in New York, you must follow the same rules and regulations as New Yorkers.

“I will always fight to protect families from the horrors of gun violence. Earlier this year, we passed laws that create an extreme risk protection order, ban undetectable firearms and bump stocks, require safe storage of guns and ensure thorough background checks (Ch. 19, 134, 130, 135 and 129 of 2019).

“While this is a big step forward, I know that our work is far from finished. I’ll continue fighting to advance additional legislation that helps keep guns out of the wrong hands and protects our families from senseless violence.”