Assemblywoman Griffin Passes Bill to Extend New York’s Cancer Mapping Program

Assemblywoman Judy Griffin (D-Rockville Centre) announced that legislation she sponsored to extend the New York State Environmental Facilities and Cancer Mapping project for six years passed the Assembly (A.9589). The companion Senate bill is sponsored by Sen. Todd Kaminsky (S.8595).

“Cancer is a widespread and too often devastating disease that has touched nearly every family on Long Island, across New York State, and our nation,” said Griffin. “To better safeguard our communities’ public health, it’s vital that we have comprehensive procedures in place to identify trends in diagnosis and make it easier to access critical resources,” said Griffin. “My legislation to extend the cancer mapping program does just that. I will continue working with colleagues to enact effective measures that support the health care needs of Long Island families.”

Assemblywoman Griffin’s bill would extend the end date of the legislation authorizing the state to compile an Environmental Facility and Cancer Incidence Map from March 31 of this year to May 1, 2028. While the map cannot show a direct causal relationship between geographic areas and cancer rates, it provides vital information to doctors and health care professionals about environmental, social, or occupational factors in an individual’s diagnosis. It also helps residents, volunteers, and civic leaders identify cancers that are prevalent in their region, helps connect New Yorkers to medical services, and can support advocacy for vital cancer research. Assemblywoman Griffin will be meeting with stakeholders later this year to discuss potential innovations to enhance and expand this important, valuable, and hard-fought program.

See the map: