Lemondes Reacts to American Death Count Rise After Kabul Airport Bombing

Assemblyman John Lemondes (R,C,I-Lafayette) shares the pain of his fellow Americans and military veterans following the news that at least 12 military personnel and 60 Afghan locals by the Abbey Gate of the Kabul airport were killed today. Lemondes lays the blame of these deaths patently on the shoulder of President Biden, his cabinet, and inner circle. Senior U.S. military leadership who have yet to fully evacuate American citizens, service members, and allies from the region have an impossible task before them, Lemondes says.

“I’m absolutely heartbroken for those suffering in Afghanistan right now, and those at home who were waiting on their friends or family’s safe return,” Lemondes said. “The great tragedy of all of this is that these deaths were completely avoidable, if the president and his administration developed even a half-baked evacuation plan. But because leadership has dragged its feet and dodged accountability for the fallout, we now have dozens of deaths in Afghanistan that could have been avoided.”

“It doesn’t matter if it was ISIS or the Taliban or al Qaeda or any other enemy to America, because they only got this far thanks to an incompetent president, deflecting accountability in every direction. Attacks like these are unfortunately only the tip of the iceberg, as thanks to President Biden’s horrid decision-making, America is now set to suffer from generational attacks for years to come.”

“I find myself at a loss for words otherwise. Those brave men and women looking to fight for freedom or escape to a better life could have been saved if not for our President,” Lemondes added.

“These deaths today are only the beginning of the next phase of this war. Weakness never loses, this is only the beginning of the long war. ” Lemondes concluded.