Lemondes: Get Our Kids Out of These Masks

Assemblyman John Lemondes (R,C,I-Lafayette) blasted a new mandate requiring children as young as two years old to wear masks in public spaces in response to the rapid re-opening of childcare centers and overnight summer camps. Lemondes considers the new mandate ‘silly,’ and a last-ditch attempt for the governor to enforce egregious regulations on sensible citizens.

“It’s ironic how just last week, the governor was finally returning autonomy to the people of the state, and now he’s taking some of it back,” Lemondes said. “This new mandate is a direct contradiction to last year’s, and is even more ridiculous considering New York is in a much better place now than we were 12 months ago. Our kids should be able to enjoy their summers without masks on, and this mandate must be repealed immediately.”