Farmers and Their Teams

Assemblyman John Lemondes (R,C,I-Lafayette) is making sure locals know where they can turn if they continue to have difficulties signing up for the COVID-19 vaccine. A recent development shows there is a unique organization set up to ensure those who operate businesses at local farmers’ markets are able to get the vaccine safely and securely. Lemondes, a farmer himself, wants to ensure the farming community is aware of this opportunity.

“Despite the president saying vaccines will be readily available for all by May, no later than June, many who work in close proximity with others, particularly in the agricultural community, are still waiting,” Lemondes said. “Farmers and others who work farm-to-table must be equipped to fight the virus and operate their businesses, especially during the colder, less fruitful seasons. I highly recommend any farmers or agricultural workers who are still waiting on their vaccine consider the attached website as a means of accelerating that process.”

The operators of this service come from New York City, which Lemondes understands may lead to some complications, but he said the initiative is worth considering in order to get back to work. “Each person has to make their own choice, but I’ve heard testimonials of satisfied individuals about the work this organization does, and I want to make sure our farmers and grocers know it is there should they want it,” Lemondes said.