Lemondes Calls for Further Funding for Mental Health Care of New York’s Veterans

Assemblyman John Lemondes (R,C,I-Lafayette) joined his Assembly colleagues to draft a letter to Speaker Heastie requesting that additional funding for mental health care for the state’s veterans be considered in the one-house budget proposal, for which the deadline is rapidly approaching. As a 27-year veteran, Lemondes understands what soldiers face during their time in service and knows what resources they need when they return home. It’s why he views the proposed inclusion of $150,000 in the budget as ‘a good starting point.’

“We have brave men and women returning home with very little infrastructure to support their needs. This proposal will go a long way toward making the transition easier for so many,” Lemondes said. “In this long conflict that our soldiers have been asked to participate in, there are certainly ways they are supported by our governments and our communities. But there is always room to do more.”

The letter further details how the funding is traditionally sent through one pathway, to one institution, but ends up being shared as a result of different institutions across the state collaborating with each other. “Our veterans deserve to be commended, but even more than that, they deserve to have the support of the state,” Lemondes said.

The letter is attached.