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Spring/Summer 2007

Dear Neighbor,

It has been an honor and a privilege to serve as your representative in the New York State Assembly. The 2007 state budget provided historic increases in funding for New York City schools to support class size reduction, universal pre-k and accountability measures. As Chair of the Education Committee I have worked closely with the State Department of Education to develop legislation geared toward healthy schools, school bus safety and smaller class size.

We were successful in passing legislation on a variety of important subjects. Workers’ compensation reform measures will reduce premiums by 10 to 15 percent and create innovative programs to get workers prompt medical treatment and the ability to return to gainful employment. Significant increases in funding for hospitals and nursing homes statewide and additional pharmacy reimbursements under Medicaid and EPIC were also part of the final 2007 state budget

We also continue in our efforts to resolve the Con Edison issue. We have included a form at the end of this newsletter where you can provide your opinion, which is very important to me.

I look forward to continuing to work with you in the future and hope you have a wonderful summer.

Catherine Nolan

Honoring our Fallen Soldiers

Veterans Issues
Assemblywoman Catherine Nolan works to promote a bill (A4291) ensuring that veterans are represented on the workforce investment board so that vets returning from Iraq and Afghanistan will receive the job training they need to find success in life.
Assemblywoman Catherine Nolan understands the significance of the sacrifices that members of our armed forces make every day. That’s why we passed laws that better provide for the families of soldiers while they are in service. While our soldiers fight to protect our quality of life, we are working to protect their families at home. During the past few years, the Assembly has passed many laws which support veterans:
  • erect and maintain a monument honoring state residents awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor – to be located near the Empire State Plaza in Albany;

  • obtain treatment services for veterans exposed to toxic materials or harmful chemicals, including health screenings, and establish a task force to study the effects of the exposure;

  • establish a New York State Veteran’s Hall of Fame; and

  • provide death benefits and health insurance coverage to eligible survivors of public employees who die while on active duty.

For further information about programs which assist veterans please contact the St. Albans Veterans Administration office in Queens at (718) 526-1000 Ext. 2217.

Our Community

Myrtle-Wyckoff Transit Hub
photo Assemblywoman Nolan with Roger Toussaint, TWA local President.
Queens Library Opening
photo Nolan with students attending the opening of the new branch of the Queens Library, June 2007.

Assemblywoman Catherine Nolan attended the ribbon ceremony in April for the newly renovated Myrtle-Wyckoff Transit Hub in Ridgewood, Queens.

Renovations included a station complex as part of an MTA capital project and an intermodal facility. The Assemblywoman was able to secure $4.5 million for the intermodal facility so that our community will have easier access to school, work and Manhattan.

Renovations to the building, built in 1927, include an atrium with huge, clear windows. The old stairwell will be replaced by a wider center stairwell offering a gradual incline, providing more security and access.

Our Community In Albany

photo NYC Department of Education Parent Representatives from Queens visit with Assemblywoman Nolan at the DOE lobby day in Albany. Dmytro Fedkowskj and Ernie Brooks also attended. photo Representatives from Queensbridge, Astoria and Ravenswood met with Assemblywoman Nolan at lobby Day in Albany. Nolan is committed to NYCHA and she is working with co-Presidents Carol Wilkins and Carmen Wynder who also stopped by her office to stops cuts to services.

Nolan Legislation Promotes Healthy School Eating Habits

35 million meals per year would go from reduced price to free for a quarter million students – eliminating their out-of-pocket expense
Bill also provides $40 million in additional reimbursement for school meals

photo All our schools deserve healthy meals program. Assemblywoman Nolan greets students from her alma mater, St. Aloysius at the State Capital building.

The State Assembly passed legislation sponsored by Assemblywoman Nolan that would establish new meal programs and nutrition guidelines for New York’s school districts in order to provide students with healthy food choices.

The Healthy Schools Act (A.8698) is designed to provide students with access to healthier school meals, snacks and beverages, eliminate the cost to students receiving a reduced-price lunch or breakfast, and increase the state reimbursement for reduced-price and free meals.

“The percentage of U.S. children and adolescents who are unhealthy has skyrocketed over the past few decades and is worse than ever,” Nolan reported. “Poor dietary habits and inactivity contribute to serious health problems for kids, now and down the road.”

Under this bill, all school districts that participate in the federal school lunch program will be required to establish a school breakfast program in middle and high schools. The state will provide approximately $9 million in funding to serve free breakfast and lunch to the 254,000 students statewide who currently receive meals at a reduced price. This means that 35 million meals per year will go from reduced price to free.

“This legislation will also defray costs to schools by providing an increase of 15 cents per free and reduced-price meal served. This equates to approximately $40 million in additional state reimbursements,” Nolan said.

“Having a healthy breakfast program in middle and high schools will go a long way toward helping older students get a better start to their school day,” Nolan said.

The new legislation applies to meals, snacks and beverages served by and on the grounds of the state’s public and charter schools during regular school hours. It also applies to private schools that participate in federal school lunch programs.

photo Nurses from Queens visited Assemblywoman Nolan recently to advocate for healthy schools and better working conditions for nurses throughout Queens, including Wyckoff, Elmhurst and St. John’s Hospitals.

The new nutritional and dietary standards will consider cholesterol and sodium levels, percent of calories derived from fat and sugar, total calorie amounts, fat content of milk and other dairy products, and serving sizes.

School snacks and beverages would be affected by the new legislation as of September 1, 2008; all snacks and beverages sold in school stores and vending machines must also meet the dietary standards. As of September 1, 2010, school meals must be trans fat free, contain fruit with no added sweeteners and non-fried vegetables, and offer 50 percent whole grain products.

In addition, the Assembly passed a bill (A.8699) that would simplify student access to meal programs by providing school districts with information on implementing an electronic payment system or some other discreet means that eliminates the overt identification of students receiving a free or reduced-price meal.

Compensation Reform

With unanimous approval from the Legislature and Governor Eliot Spitzer, New York State enacted long-awaited reform of the state’s workers’ compensation system. The landmark legislation, which received the support of the business and labor organizations, will protect workers and reduce costs to businesses. Assemblywoman Nolan was a co-sponsor of the measure.

Under the new law, the weekly benefit to injured workers will be raised significantly and, for the first time in the state’s history, it no longer requires further action by the legislature or governor. The plan establishes a more effective and just compensation system for injured workers while also providing insurance premium savings for economic development and job creation throughout New York State.

Education Budget

The final state budget made an historic investment in New York’s education system, providing an unprecedented $1.7 billion increase to help students succeed in an ever-changing global economy.

Under the largest education investment in New York State history, New York City will receive $7,516,726,801.

Reducing class sizes

The budget requires New York City to prepare a Contract for Excellence that must include, among other initiatives, a plan to reduce average class sizes within five years in the specified grade ranges and class size reduction for low performing and overcrowded schools. Assemblywoman Nolan was a Prime sponsor of the bill.

Universal Pre-Kindergarten

The budget provides $43.4 million more to advance the Assembly’s plan to provide statewide universal pre-k and ensure that every 4-year-old in the state has the opportunity to get a head start on school. New York City will receive $249,078,274 for pre-k.

Community Survey Questions

  1. Mayor Michael Bloomberg has proposed an eight dollar fee for driving into Manhattan south of 86th Street to reduce congestion and raise money for transit projects. Do you support the effort?

    box   Yes box   No box   Unsure
  2. Since passage of the federal No Child Left Behind Law, public school students are spending several months of each school year preparing for and taking high-stakes standardized tests that are used to evaluate schools. Do you agree that local public schools are devoting too much time to preparing students for and administering high-stakes tests?

    box   Yes box   No box   Unsure
  3. If you are a parent, grandparent, student or teacher in a New York City school, what is your concern?

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Dear Neighbors,

I have sent a letter to the New York State Public Service Commission strongly urging a rejection of Consolidated Edison’s request to raise the average residential customer’s electricity bill nearly 17 percent – and the average business’s bill 12 percent. Con Edison customers are already overburdened with the ever-increasing costs for electricity and Con Edison’s service over the years. I recognize that you are outraged by this proposal and demand that the PSC place greater importance on the needs of customers.

Last summer’s devastating Queens Blackout led the PSC to launch yet another investigation of Con Edison’s service quality and system maintenance. The historic duration of the blackout was terrible in itself, but Con Edison compounded that problem with a disturbing inability to adequately assess the extent of the system failure, and a lack of adequate emergency response that plunged hundreds of thousands of people into darkness for more than a week. In addition, the continued unacceptable amount of electrified hotspots throughout New York City shows the company’s consistent lack of concern for the safety of all New Yorkers.

The PSC must account for the devastating impact on the nearly 9 million New Yorkers whose household budgets are under constant pressure from ever-increasing energy costs. This pressure also holds true for the countless businesses that would be hit by the increase.

Catherine Nolan


Con Edison is asking the New York Public Service Commission (PSC) for approval to raise the average residential customer’s electricity bill nearly 17%. Tell the PSC that New Yorkers have paid enough for unreliable service by filling this out and sending it to Assemblywoman Catherine Nolan. She’ll send it to the PSC with her own letter explaining why the unfair rate hike should be rejected.

Last summer’s Queens blackout and the unacceptable amount of electrified hotspots throughout New York City show a consistent lack of concern. With the PSC investigating Con Edison’s handling of the blackout – and Assembly hearings planned on the proposed rate hike – it would be wrong to move forward. Let the PSC know that another rate hike is a bad idea.




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